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pageant 50th anniversary - saturday Aug 2, 2014

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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Oakland Temple Pageant is sure to be a wonderful event. Mark your calendars and tell your friends so that everyone can attend.

​This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Oakland Temple Pageant. All Temple Pageant participants, fans of the Pageant and everyone who is interested are invited to a Pageant Reunion and Sing-Along on August 2, 2014, in the Oakland Temple Hill Auditorium. 

1pm Sing-Along

Video clips and narrators will lead us through the Pageant, with music and words available for all of us to sing along.

3:30-5:30pm Open House/Reception

6pm Sing-Along (repeat of 1pm program)

You are welcome to come to the early Sing-Along and stay for the reception, or if evening is better for you, attend the reception first and then stay for the repeat of the Sing-Along. 

FREE admission. No tickets required. 

Do you have pictures or other memories to share? 

We are particularly interested in any that are available in digital form. Please let us know at


While there are no age restrictions for those who attend, the afternoon Sing-Along has been added to make sure there is a good time for those with young children. Since we are not requiring tickets, we do not know how many may attend. We encourage you to arrive early and line up just as Pageant audiences did for years. 

Using your GPS?

4780 Lincoln Ave, Oakland CA 94602 


As was the case during the years of the original Pageant preformances, the Oakland Temple will be closed for maintenance, providing ample parking on the Hill.

Please Note

The Oakland Temple Pageant Reunion and Sing-Along does not mark the return of the Pageant. It is still listed by the Church's Missionary Department as suspended indefinitely. However, this fabulous reunion will be exactly as expected -

a wondrous reunion.


Contact PageantReunion@TempleHillEvents.com

Please spread the word - 

"Teach the word to all the nations..."